All about the Alpacas!

 With all the sunshine we have been having I thought I would show some of the lovely flowers in the garden that are in full bloom.
I really love the Peachy coloured Hollyhock which I got as a very small plant last year and had almost forgotten about until I spotted it today looking so gorgeous!

 The window boxes are doing well, I keep deadheading which should help them flower a bit longer.

 Today the butterflies were out in force, Peacock, small tortoiseshell, white, and a red admiral were all on one plant.

 Viola and Dianthus were doing well.

 Although I have not had a big glut of raspberries we have picked enough for our desserts a few times and they were delicious too!

 We visited a farm shop up near Cockerham Sands recently where they breed Alpacas, who came across to see what we were eating, which was a huge ice cream each which is home made on the farm.

 They looked so funny as they had just been shorn of their coats. I bet they were very glad to as it was a hot day.

 A nice day out ,glad I had my camera.


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