Sparrowhawk attack!

 Well it has been a morning of high drama and terror here for the resident Sparrow population in our back garden hedge.
I was up in my bedroom when I  heard a horrible screeching of a bird and knew at once that a bird had attacked another or that a cat had caught something.
My first instinct to fly outside and see what had happened proved to be the wrong one as all had gone quiet and nothing was to be seen ,so I went back upstairs and there on the grass in next doors garden was a female Sparrow hawk having breakfast of sparrow.
I flew for my camera and just hoped I would be in time to take a photo and these are the only shots I got as she was soon off. It was only on Sunday that we heard another commotion and that time we saw a Male Sparrow hawk try his luck by flying in onto the hedge  but he missed and flew off.
At the moment it is not a very safe haven for small birds here as no doubt they will be back!

Female Sparrowhawk
 We said goodbye to Maya the little cat that turned up here for the summer after wandering away from her home. Her owner got hold of a trap and we watched as she went in it to get the food and it snapped shut much to Maya's disgust...... holiday over back to the home. We will miss her but are glad that she will be somewhere warm over the winter months.

 You can feel a slight change in the days now as we approach the final part of summer. The flowers are going over, the wasps are out being annoying and I have picked the first cooking apples from our tree.
Ollie must be feeling it going cooler as he can be found in the summerhouse in comfort!

Wasps in the apples

 We have enjoyed some really nice days out with Lucy and we went up to Myerscough to show her the Terrapins that live in the warm Greenhouses there, although I think the highlight of the trip was the 2 ice creams she wangled out of her Granny!
She also found it funny that the swallows were pooping on everything in the craft shop after making their nest in the beams above.

Swallow have made a nest in the barn


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