Winter in Keswick.

I thought I would share some of the view around Keswick that I took when we were up there earlier this year. The snow on the top fells had  been melting and making its way down the waterfalls and streams and came in a tremendous rushing ,frothing ,foaming torrent into the River Greta that flows through Keswick.
The banks soon became emerged under the rapid like water and if anyone had fallen in they could easily have been swept along. The noise was quite deafening I had never seen the river in such a state as usually it is in the calm at the end of summer when I visit.
Down By the Lakeside the jetty  was submerged as the lake water was very high and it had a really different feel to the holiday season when there are so many people milling around or queuing to take a boat ride around the lake. It was quiet, peaceful and atmospheric and I enjoyed photographing the play of light and clouds across the water, a forever changing scene.
Rowing boats sitting idle at Derwentwater

Black and white shot of the Jetty

Across Derwentwater

Winter scene at Derwentwater

Yellow crocus in Hope Park

Snow melt rushing Down The river

Grasmere and the River that flows through the village .

The back of Sarah Nelsons Gingerbread shop ,Grasmere

From Grasmere Churchyard , where William Wordsworth is buried


  1. Lovely views and photographs of Keswick, Sis. You have a way of capturing the feeling in the photographs, I could easily have been there with you your shots are very atmospheric. I love the main one with the bird at the very top of the tree against the winter background. I also like the b&w jetty shot.


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